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About Us

I guess it all started with my first job…pulling nails out of fence posts for my mom to build and sell birdhouses in the teachers lounge. She was a P.E. coach at the time and I was a 10 year old known as “Mrs. Lancaster’s” son at school. This later erupted into her company Lancaster House, which she now has two home decor locations in Gonzales and Central. Being exposed to her entrepreneurship at such an early age, taught me to think independently and explore areas a little less traveled.

This thought process lead me to exploring California. From Venice, to Santa Monica, Hollywood, Beverly Hills & everywhere in between. Fashion is a huge presence in California, which naturally rubbed off on me. From the boho-chic girls walking the streets, to the models I would style down the runway. Naturally, I wanted to bring this feel to the South. After one of my habitual phone calls to my mom after hiking the trendy hiking spot called Runyon Canyon, I spouted out “LA2LA”, and so it began. From there, the ideas just came snowballing in. I must have stood at the top of Runyon for over an hour with excitement throwing ideas back and forth with my mom. Eventually, landing on fashion and accessories.

All in all, this brought me where I am today!  I can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on and still have in the works for the future! Stay tuned!